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Independent Living Skills

The Independent Living Skills Program is designed to help people with disabilities make the most of their abilities and increase self-reliance and self-confidence.

We can help you take control of your life in order to live independently through trainings, resources, and information.

At its core, independent living (IL) simply means having equal access to the same opportunities as the rest of society and as specified by the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Act. Our staff of IL specialists and advocates provides instruction and training to people living with disabilities to assist them with living independently.

  • Daily living skills: Trainings may include: budgeting; goal-setting; learning public transportation; self-advocacy; organization; personal grooming; nutrition, menu, meal planning and grocery shopping; stress management; and communication skills.
  • Community resource acquisition: Our staff assists consumers in researching and applying for community resources, such as Medicaid services and waivers, Medicare benefits, food stamps, energy assistance, SSI, SSDI, Meals on Wheels services, and more.

The first step towards independent living is to call an Independent Living Advocate to schedule a one-on-one personal assessment. Our advocates will encourage you in setting goal(s) and offer resources and support designed to help you be successful. To schedule an appointment, please call 775-353-3599.