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People flock to Nevada from all over the world to spend time in our amazing mountains, deserts, rivers and lakes. In addition to enjoying the beauty that surrounds us, there is plenty of evidence that being outside is good for our minds and bodies. Though this can be challenging for people with disabilities and older adults, there are resources available.

These are just some of the programs available in Nevada, and there are plenty of accessible parks and outdoor space in the state. When parks and recreation facilities are built or altered, they must comply with ADA standards, which require inclusionPerson hiking with a white cane of accessible parking spaces, routes, toilet facilities, public telephones and spectator seating areas.

For parks and facilities that were built or altered before the ADA Standards took effect 32 years ago, local governments usually must devise ways to make the programs and activities in those parks and facilities accessible to people with disabilities.

If parks are not your jam, visit for information on access points on federal land. 

The government doesn’t stop at making trails accessible. They also make these visits financially accessible:

Unlocking Nature: Outdoor Accessibility and Activities for The Mobility Challenged shares tips for wheelchair hiking, paddle sports, camping and visiting local parks and beaches, as well as adaptive equipment that can be used for many of these activities.

They also share tips for those who are new to this idea:

There’s obviously a lot to know and it can’t all be covered in this short article, but the bottom line is to not let your disability keep you from enjoying all that Nevada has to offer. A little bit of preparation and some flexibility can go a long way!