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Mark Tadder Promoted to Associate Director

Mark Tadder helps another blind man with a tablet

Mark Tadder has been promoted to Associate Director of the Northern Nevada Center for Independent Living (NNCIL). Tadder, who also serves as the agency’s Blind and Low Vision Director, has worked with NNCIL for five years, after volunteering for many years before that. 

In his new role, he’ll be in charge of NNCIL programs and outreach, while also expanding the agency’s relationships with partner organizations serving similar populations throughout the 16 Nevada counties served by NNCIL (all of them, except Clark County).  

“I’m excited to work with our team to grow our presence to reach even more people with disabilities who want to become more independent and live independent lives,” he says. “We’re already traveling throughout the rural areas of the state every week and we’ll continue expanding on that.” 

Tadder completed a bachelor’s degree in intercultural communications and anthropology and started on a Masters degree in archeology at Arizona State University. 

After being diagnosed with an unknown type of retinitis pigmentosa (RP) in early adulthood, Tadder accelerated his activities to include rock climbing, skiing and filmmaking. 

As his eyesight became more impacted by the disease, he started a web consulting company and transitioned into a work-from-home situation while being the primary caregiver for his new son.

Several years later, his vision had degenerated to the point where he reached out to the State of Nevada’s rehab department, where he received mobility, Braille and computer screen reader training. Around this time, he led the creation of the Sierra Nevada Transportation Coalition to research and create transportation programs for people with disabilities, seniors, and people living in poverty in Northern Nevada. 

After attending his first National Federation of the Blind (NFB) convention in 2015, Mark fully realized the value of the NFB and its rejection of society’s often low expectations for the blind. After serving as Chapter President of the Northern Chapter and Affiliate 1st Vice President for five years, he was elected Nevada Affiliate President in November 2022.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his teen son, being outdoors, hiking and birding (he uses audible skills to identify birds without sight). He also plays the electric guitar.

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